Lexington, Va

Until recently, this corridor in Lexington was a typical commercial strip of fast food establishments, overabundant signage, and asphalt parking lots. To create a more attractive setting and gateway to Lexington’s nationally celebrated historic downtown, the City committed to improving the appearance, function, and safety of its entrance corridors.

Frazier Associates was retained by the City to offer facade improvement recommendations, developing a framework for how “prototype” buildings could be more reflective of the character of the community.  As part of this project, Frazier Associates worked with several client groups to create more meaningful architectural statements – from strip and pad commercial developers, to gas and fast-food operators, and national hotel chains.  Designs for new monument signs and landscaping improvements were also provided.  The result eliminated sign clutter and confusion, made entrances more prominent, and created more green space thus providing more welcoming and safe entrance corridor for both visitors and residents.