Fredericksburg, Va

The Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority (EDA) contracted with Frazier Associates to conduct on-site visual assessments of Princess Anne Street Historic Corridor and Lafayette Boulevard corridor. Building character, style, and age varies greatly along these primary corridors leading to historic downtown Fredericksburg. The goal of the assessment was to determine the current condition of, and needed improvements to buildings and building sites along the two important corridors. Building types range from historic houses to gas stations and period drive-thru restaurants, large warehouse and auto service buildings, and both small and large hotels of various styles and periods. The assessment, therefore, was made from a perspective of maintenance and curb appeal rather than from a perspective of architectural style. Several properties from the two corridors were selected as sample projects to illustrate the types of improvements possible.

The information will be used to guide and prioritize efforts to make improvements along the corridors. The EDA also established a 50/50 matching grant program, up to a maximum grant of $10,000 for businesses or property owners seeking to renovate or restore commercial facades in the corridors.