Bridgewater, Va

The 90-acre campus Bridgewater Retirement Community in the Town of Bridgewater, Virginia offers modern living facilities, ranging from independent units to assisted care, to about 550 residents. Ideally located near the center of the town, residents and visitors can easily walk to downtown shops, restaurants, and local parks as well as the many amenities of the Retirement Community. With its large campus with meandering streets and various facilities, the administration realized that signs were needed to guide its active population and numerous visitors traveling to and throughout the community.

They commissioned Frazier Associates to help complete the planning and design process for a new wayfinding system. Using their existing brand and color scheme, Frazier Associates developed several options that were presented to the administration and overall village community for approval. The final design incorporated Bridgewater Retirement Community’s vibrant brand to create gateway signs, vehicular trailblazers, and site and parking identification signs.